Easter Parade Cupcakes

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Easter Parade Cupcakes
Style your own cake parade with frilly dresses and Easter bonnets in a rainbow of colours.

Degree of difficulty - medium

Batch of your favourite cupcakes
Butter cream icing
Food colouring
White chocolate
Oil based liquid or powder chocolate colouring

Chocolate moulds - I've used 'lacy corset' W063 for this tutorial. The hats used in the photo are ' Easter bonnet 'D094 however there are also other bodice and hat moulds available.
Lollipop sticks
Piping bag
Wilton tip 406 - you could use a smaller tip

Step 1:
Make your bodices using coloured white chocolate and leave to set. These can easily be made days ahead.

Step 2:
Place each bodice in a cupcake - trim the lollipop stick so your bodice is almost sitting on the cupcake.

Step 3:
Using a 'ribbon' tip (Wilton 406 shown here) and buttercream pipe columns of icing moving the tip back and forth to form the 'frills'. Keep piping around the bodice as high as you like. You can go back and add extra frills to get the desired effect.
Pipe a variety of colours to create a colourful display - you could mix and match the colours of the skirts and bodices.

Step 4:
For even more variety add colourful cupcake wrappers.
For the Easter bonnets I've made chocolate hats and added them to the cupcakes.

You can use the same idea for ballet tutu cupcakes to suit a ballet theme.

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