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The legend behind this cake is that a young girl was madly in love with a Persian prince. Desperately trying to win his love she made him the most delectable cake filled pistachios which were declared.. Read More
Ingredients: 840g icing sugar 200g dessicated coconut Tin of condensed milk (395g) 1 egg white, slightly beaten Food colouring Line a 18cm square cake tin (or rectangular similar in size) with.. Read More
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Sticks and handles

Sticks and handles
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Lollipop sticks (20)
These lollipop sticks are in a pack of 20. They are 15cm in length and suitable for chocolate lollip..
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Mocha Spoon Handles Black (12pk)
Designed to be used with the Mocha Spoon (Plain), Mocha Spoon (Rosebud) and the Mocha Spoon (Hea..
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