Designer Biscuit Tutorial

Designer Biscuit Tutorial

Designer Biscuit Tutorial


1. Supplies You Will Need

  • Mould
  • Chocolate
  • Oreo biscuits
  • Optional
    • White Chocolate
    • Oil or powder chocolate colouring
    • Decorator Brush
    • Silicone Spatula


2. Melt the Chocolate

Microwave Oven: Place coarsely chopped chocolate into a microwave safe bowl. Microwave at 50% power for 1 minute, then stir well. Continue to microwave for 15 to 30 second intervals, stirring well after each interval, until smooth.

Double Boiler: Place coarsely chopped chocolate in the double boiler over hot, not boiling, water. Stir until smooth.

Please note: For best results, do not overheat the chocolate, and avoid introducing moisture. Both these conditions will ruin the chocolate.



3. Paint the Designs (optional)

Use your white chocolate as is, or color it using the chocolate colouring.

Using a decorator brush, dab the white/colored chocolate into the mould designs. After filling each design, tap the mold onto the table to settle the chocolate, and remove any trapped air.




4. Partially Fill the mold

Fill the chocolate into the mould cavities, approximately 1/3 full. Tap the mould onto the table to settle the chocolate, and remove any trapped air.

Tip: If you've painted the designs, avoid re-melting them by filling the cavities with chocolate that's as cool as possible, and tap the mould very gently as this can also cause the colors to bleed together.



5. Embed the Oreo Biscuit

Press the Oreo biscuit into the chocolate, and center it in the mould cavity, horizontally and vertically.

As you press the Oreo into the mould cavity, the chocolate will rise up around the sides, embedding the biscuit, and leaving only the top uncovered.



6. Top Off the Mould

Pour the chocolate over the embedded Oreo, completely filling the mould, and covering the biscuit.

Gently tap the mould onto the table to settle the chocolate, and remove any trapped air.



7. Level the Chocolate

If necessary, level the chocolate by scraping away the excess with a silicone spatula.



8. Unmould Your Chocolate Covered Oreos

After the chocolate has hardened, chill the mould in the fridge for approximately 10 minutes. Turn the mould upside down and press on the back of the cavity to release the chocolate covered Oreos.

This completes the Chocolate Covered Oreos Tutorial. Thank you for your interest!