Persian Love Cake

Persian Love Cake

The legend behind this cake is that a young girl was madly in love with a Persian prince. Desperately trying to win his love she made him the most delectable cake filled pistachios which were declared exclusive food for the royal household by the Queen of Sheba and the exotic flavours of rose and cardamom. Such was her love that it transferred to this cake and filled it with magical love powers.

The heady aromas of spice, rose and citrus won the Prince's heart and he became smitten with the young girl. (We can only assume it was a 'happy ever after' ending!)


100ml warm almond milk

3 strands saffron

6 eggs

220g light brown sugar

250ml natural yoghurt

150g almond meal

150g SR flour

Seeds from 4-5 cardamom pods (use a mortar and pestle to grind)

50g crushed pistachios

Zest of one lime

1 tablespoon rose water (this gives a mild note, add more if you like a stronger hit)

Preheat oven to 140 degrees celsius. Grease two 8" tins or one large if you prefer

Add saffron to warm milk and put aside.

Beat eggs and sugar in electric mixer until thick. Fold in yoghurt, then almond meal, SR flour,cardamom,lime zest and pistachios.

Add rose water and milk with saffron (remove threads) Stir gently. Pour into prepared pans.

Bake for 1 and 1/2 hours or until skewer comes out clean. Leave to cool.

You can finish your cake in two ways -

Make a syrup from honey (approx 5 tablespoons) juice of a lime or lemon and a teaspoon rose water, heat gently and drizzle over your cakes. Stack together and dust with icing sugar, decorate with pistachios and dried rose petals.

Or - Mix 150g icing sugar with juice of a lime (add a teaspoon of water if too thick) and pour this over the top of your cake and decorate as above.

This is a very dense cake, ideal with a cup of tea.