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Chocolate Colours, Flavours and Metallic Dusts


A beautiful range of deep and pastel colours.

Points of Difference -
* A dispersed lake, rather than a dye, offering high rates of stability and versatility in a variety of products.
* Suitable for use in all icings, including fondant, buttercream, flower paste, ganache, royal, piping gels, whip ‘n ice, cold porcelain etc.
* Offer a block colour, rather than an opaque result.
* The use of a lake also offers superior dispersion through a variety of products.
* Superior light fastness, brilliant for competition cakes etc.
* A comprehensive range of colours, more to be added if demand is there.
* Proudly Australian Made.

Super Strength Flavor Oils

‘A little goes a long way!’ 

LorAnn’s professional strength candy oils  are 3x to 4x stronger than typical alcohol-based extracts.  These flavours are all appropriate for the higher temperatures of candy making.  Most are appropriate for use in chocolates and all are ideal for flavouring baked goods, icing, & more.

Gluten Free & Concentrated Made in USA


Recommended for decorative puroposes to add extra bling. Can be mixed with alcohol to create a paint or brushed onto chocolates and icing.

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